Projector Rental Policy

This Projector Rental Policy document was last updated on May 24, 2023
Customer shall complete this booking confirmation and submit payment at least 4 weeks prior to "First Date". Completion of this confirmation is required to ensure inventory availability. Any orders placed less than 4 weeks ahead of the First Date are subject to rush fees, increased shipping charges and risk of inventory availability changes.
Though Broadway Media uses its best commercial efforts to ensure that the Products are delivered as advertised, they cannot guarantee the performance of the Products beyond reasonable expectation. "Shadow-Free" projection is entirely dependent on the correct installation and integration of the Products and is not guaranteed. In connection therewith, image output size and brightness may differ, unsubstantially from the advertised marketing information, and therefore Recipient is recommended to use an independent source to verify information.
Make payable to Broadway Media Distribution. Full Advance Payment required. Please send purchase order/ check to [ADDRESS] 5132 North Palm Avenue, #357, Fresno, California 93704. If paying by Credit/Debit card, the cardholder payee authorizes Broadway Media to charge the card indicated on this form for the Rental Fees, including any such subsequent damages or late fees if applicable.
A Credit/Debit Card authorization is required and shall be used in the event of incidental charges on all rental orders. You card will not be charged unless you've indicated "Credit Card" as your payment method.
No returns, exchanges or reimbursements permitted. Orders cancelled one business day after booking confirmation shall be subject to a cancellation charge of no less than $250.00. Thereafter, no refunds shall be given under any circumstances. Cancellations due to Acts of God (illness, death or weather) will be charged only actual costs incurred if the rental is rescheduled within six (6) months.
Customer shall have liability insurance of no less than $1,000,000 to ensure the full MSRP retail value compensation for any damages or loss of the Products. Recipient shall indemnify and hold harmless Broadway Media from and against all allegations, claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgements, costs and expenses which arise of out, relate to or as a result from any act or omission related to the Agreement.
The Rental Period begins on the First Date and must be delivered to the shipping courier by 5:00 PM on "Last Date.. The Products must be returned in their original shipment container to avoid late fees. If the Products arrive more than 24-hours after the First Date, the total amount due shall be adjusted pro-rata accordingly.
If the Rented Products are damaged or returned to the shipping courier after the Last Date, incidental and/or late charges shall be billed on a weekly basis for the regular rental cost plus a 10% fee for the full period of time until the safe and complete return and/or replacement of all Products. Customer authorizes Broadway Media to charge the card indicated in this form for the Amount Due, which shall include any future Incidental Charges.
It is the Customer's responsibility to learn how to use, transport, and setup, assemble and strike the Products. Broadway Media makes available the appropriate stands, mounts and accessories, and Customer may purchase these items for an additional fee. The responsibilities within this Agreement and/or the Products may not be assigned, transferred, pledged, sublet or lent to anyone without prior written consent of Broadway Media.
If there is damage to the hardware, the customer will be liable to pay the full MSRP replacement value. Therefore, we require your organization to have liability coverage for the rented hardware. If damages do occur, we will first alert you of the damage, then submit the cost for repair or replacement and finally expect payment within two (2) weeks from the date of notice. Failure to provide timely payment will result in charges to the credit card provided; and other remedies that we are entitled enforce, including but not limited to injunctive relief and other legal remedies. Therefore, hardware rentals require property and liability coverage. Broadway Media Distribution must be named as a certificate holder, which means you cannot provide merely evidence of insurance. Broadway Media must be listed as Loss Payee regarding property coverage and as Additional Insured regarding liability coverage on your Certificate of Insurance (COI). Insurance coverage must specify "for rented/leased equipment." At a minimum, insurance must cover the entire rental period, from the first date of rental through the date of return. You are welcome to provide blanket insurance coverage so that a new COI is not required on a per-rental basis (we encourage this). Please contact your insurer to request issue of a Certificate of Insurance meeting the following requirements: Commercial General Liability: Commercial General Liability insurance covering broad form contractual liability, personal injury liability, advertising injury, completed operation and product liability, with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. General Liability coverage may increase depending on the services provided and the usage of the rental equipment. Property Coverage Insurance: Property Coverage Insurance covering miscellaneous equipment that is sufficient to cover the full replacement cost of the Equipment. Please include the limits and the deductible of the insurance. Property coverage may come in the following forms: All Risk Policy, Entertainment Package, Inland Marine Coverage, Hired In Equipment, Business Personal Property of Others, Third Party Property, Rented Production Equipment or Rented/Leased Equipment. Loss Payee: BMD must be listed as LOSS PAYEE in a certificate issued by Customer's insurance company. Required Language: Broadway Media Distribution, Inc. dba Broadway Media is an additional insured on a primary and noncontributory basis with respect to general liability. Waiver of Subrogation is granted in favor of Broadway Media Distribution, Inc. dba Broadway Media with respect to general liability, and workers’ compensation. Broadway Media Distribution, Inc. dba Broadway Media is loss payee as it relates to rented/leased equipment. Certificate Holder Box must read as follows: [COMPANY NAME] Broadway Media Distribution, Inc [ADDRESS] 5132 N. Palm Ave., #357, Fresno, CA 93704
On behalf of "the Renter" I agree to the Hardware Rental and Purchase Agreement, and my initials on this page provide guarantee of my acceptance of Order #51284 and therefore I intend to confirm this Agreement with payment. In addition thereto, I understand that my rental is not secure until payment and all required documents are received by Broadway Media.