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As productions increasingly seek extraordinary special effects and intricate production designs, Broadway Media's resource platform delivers the ultimate solution.

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As the most diverse segment of the performance arts industry, you deserve outstanding production design that matches your unique vision. Look no further than Broadway Media, your trusted source for resources from show-stopping Scenic Projections and inspirational Choreography Guides.

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Scenic Projections

Join the future of theatre with Scenic Projections, digital scenery packages that have every scene and setting for your show. Replace expensive and cumbersome backdrop rentals with an easy, cost-effective approach that saves your budget without compromising an inch on quality.

Choreography Guides

Help your cast shine their brightest with our Choreography Guides! By taking the guesswork out of choreography, we make Broadway-level movement available to productions of all sizes. These easy-to-use video resources are perfect for dancers of all ages and experience levels, so no matter the breadth of experience in your cast, everyone can shine.
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