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Learn from Broadway professionals and empower your production with a toolbox of steps - the ultimate guide for your show!

Choreography Guides

It’s Time to Revolutionize the Way You Choreograph Musicals!

Choreography Guides are easy-to-use digital video guides, which include 3 - 4 hours of instruction, and time-saving tips on how to adapt the choreography for the unique needs of your production.

Share the Magic of Theatre

Let Choreography Guides empower you to build confidence and create awe-inspiring performances that will captivate audiences for years to come. Share the magic of Choreography Guides with your entire cast with our cloud access feature that allows your cast to conveniently access videos anytime and anywhere, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page. With digital delivery upon ordering, you can jumpstart your rehearsals and enjoy up to 1-year of rehearsal time, giving your team ample opportunity to perfect every movement.

Learn from the Best in the Industry

Developed by Tony-winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchelland Broadway veteran, and Creative Director of Broadway Media,Paul Canaan. Together, in partnership with MTI and TRW, Broadway Media presents “Choreography Guides”, your access to Broadway-level choreography. This online video resource provides you with the tools and techniques to flawlessly execute an unforgettable production!
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Take your Productions to the Next Level

Choreography Guides make choreography a breeze, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable moments on stage. Say goodbye to the guesswork and embrace the freedom to create captivating performances. By breaking down choreography into bite size chunks taught by top-notch industry pros, Broadway choreography becomes accessible to theatre programs of all skill sets and budgets.

Inspire and Build Confidence through Choreography!

Enhance the educational experience as you delve into the stories behind the steps and learn from the actual creators themselves, such as Jerry Mitchell, Matt West and Sergio Trujillo. When you choose Choreography Guides, you receive more than just instructional videos. You also get the rights to perform the choreography in your production, legal usage rights and payment of royalties to the creators.

Choreography Guides

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