Make Your Stage Come Alive withScenic Projections

Scenic Projections packages are perfectly curated show collections
with the script cue lines and descriptions.

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Scenic Projections Features

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Easy Load-in

Imagine not having to hang costly painted backdrop rentals. Simply hang your projector, plug in your Mac or PC, and you’re ready to use digital scenery.
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Pre-Cued Packages

All videos and images in our packages are pre-programmed in the easy-to-use projections control software, StagePlayer.
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Stage Magic

World-class animation means magic moments and special effects. Imagine your Elsa conjuring her ice palace or Mary Poppins flying over London.
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No Fly Space Needed

Projections solve many spatial issues, including no fly space.
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Cinematic Motion

All packages come with scene transitions, weather and special effects.
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Reduce Runtime

No need for blackouts and physical set changes with digital scenery.
Scenic Projections
Pre-Cued Show Packages
Script-Accurate Digital Backdrops Delivered in StagePlayer
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StagePlayer In Action

Designed to help you perform anywhere, StagePlayer was created for Theatre-Makers by Theatre-Makers. Boasting minimal system requirements, and compatible with both Mac and Windows, StagePlayer was developed for the uncertainty of live productions. Offering a simple design with intuitive and easily controlled playback, it's now easier than ever to implement digital scenery into your production.

Scenic Projections License Types

Standard License
$0 - $04-week license
info icon $0 for Youth versions and $0 for Mainstage
Animated Videos
Every Scene and Setting
Fully Programmed Cues
Integrated Cue Sheet
Rehearsal Content
Delivered through StagePlayer
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Pro License
$04-week license
Customizable scenery for advanced projection programmed in the software of your choice
Media Server Mapping
QLab Integration
Mapping Textures
Layered Artwork
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The power of Scenic Projections

Bring Your Stage to Life with Unparalleled Quality and Ease

The trusted choice for thousands of theaters across the globe. Scenic Projections offer unparalleled quality and ease of use. Plug in and perform with pre-cued digital backdrop packages for popular plays and musicals, designed to enhance your production design process.
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Elevate your stage and transport your audience to extraordinary worlds. Experience the future of theatrical design today

With every scene and setting crafted to match your script, Scenic Projections deliver a seamless experience using our intuitive StagePlayer software. Say goodbye to traditional backdrops and hello to a new era of projection technology that saves you money, reduces blackouts, and maximizes stage space!

Endorsed by Music Theatre International, Broadway Licensing and Theatrical Rights Worldwide, our animated digital projection packages feature script-accurate scenes and settings.

Our pre-cued digital backdrop packages for popular plays and musicals simplify production design, empowering directors and educators to create immersive theatre within the real-world limits of time and budget.
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