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Broadway Media
Standard Wireless Microphone System8-24 Channels/Microphones
Broadway Media
Premium Wireless Microphone System16 Channels/Microphones
Broadway Media
Economy Wireless Microphone System8 Channels/Microphones

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Seamlessly integrated pre-racked solution that sets the stage for unparalleled audio excellence. Developed with renowned brands such as Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, and Creative Audio Technology, each system boasts uncompromising quality. All rental package includes premium theatre microphones with dedicated microphone transmitters, ensuring a professional audio experience.
Not Sure which BodyMics system fits your needs? Talk to Our Experts!Talented, experienced, helpful, and knowledgeable Production Specialists can provide you personalized advice for your unique requirements and guide you in making the right choice.
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Choose Your Audio Solution

  • Economy: 8-Channel Creative audio brand with mixer included
  • Standard: 8 to 24 channel Shure or Sennheiser various quality options, all provide quality sound
  • Premium: 16 channel Lectrosonics DSQD for elevated top-tier uncompromising audio performance

Reserve Your Rental

  • Purchase orders accepted from schools
  • Deposit Waived with a Certificate of Insurance recommended
  • Free round-trip nationwide shipping
  • Flexible Monday to Monday weekly rentals, with 50% off for additional weeks
  • Durable SKB cases for shipping protection

Setup Your Gear

  • True plug and play with quick 15-minute setup
  • Quality guaranteed, all gear is rigorously checked before every shipment
  • Extras include spare microphones, and skin tone options for flexibility
  • Enhance your experience with an expansion pack for easier setup

Easy Returns

  • Pack up and ship back with included return shipping

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BodyMics Wireless Microphone Systems are crafted with precision, featuring industry-leading brands such as Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, and Creative Audio Technology. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled sound quality that amplifies your performance, ensuring professional audio for an unforgettable audience experience.
Our pre-racked wireless microphone systems provide budget-friendly easy a plug-and-play solutions, while offering a diverse range of microphone options to suit your unique needs.

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