Solutions for Theatre for Young Audiences

T.Y.A. Resources

Whether you’re the home for children’s theatre in your region, or you’re bringing the joy of live storytelling across the country, you are the crucial foundation of future audiences, participants and professionals in the field. Utilizing simple technology to make mounting a show more affordable (and a little easier) has the potential to help you invest time and resources where it matters. 


Simple production resources for the theatre company on-the-move.

We're a trusted partner

We’re the official digital scenery provider for Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide, serving organizations from elementary school to professional regional theatre. 

Easily transportable 

All you need is a laptop, a projector and something to project on to! With a small footprint and quick set up, you can load in and out in minutes. 


Project from the floor onto a portable screen. As long as you have a power supply, you can have an amazing, interactive show anywhere! 

every scene & setting

Our TYA adaptations for popular musicals include all the scenes, settings and magic moments in the script guaranteed. 


Our scenery packages are proven to cost less than raw set materials. 

engaging experience

Combining animated scenes with bright, friendly colors, and beautiful artistic renderings, it will be like a storybook came to life!  

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