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Introducing young people to the performing arts through Junior Theatre musicals (Broadway Junior, Young@Part etc.) is a crucial cornerstone of future arts engagement and the health of our industry (not to mention the birth of future Broadway stars)! We’ve worked with the creators and licensors of these specially-tailored one-act musicals to create hugely popular (and really affordable) scenic packages to give young performers a taste of Broadway!  

Our Licensing Partners


We’re the official providers of digital scenery for Broadway Junior and Young@Part shows. 

Script Acurate

Rehearsals, costumes, child safety and skills training – you have enough to worry about, so you can trust that our projections will be just what you need. 

They Look Amazing!

Scenic Projections are designed to create a dynamic, blackout-free performance that looks great. Your kids are going to feel like stars. 

They're Affordable

With all the scenes and settings, awesome animation and fun designs, they’re much more affordable (and easier to care for) than a built set or costly physical drops. 

We're Trusted

We work directly with Music Theatre International and Theatrical rights Worldwide to create a product that’s perfect for you. 

software included

It’s the perfect tool to expose young people to digital arts and theatre technology (we need more of them)! 

Stage Magic

Have you wondered how to make Elsa’s castle appear? Or Mary Poppins fly? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and make magic as standard.

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Scenic Projections bring Pongo and Perdita’s London to life with a hand-drawn style that evokes the iconic style of the film.

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Projections have been around for decades, but utilizing them in a theatrical setting is still relatively new. This article explores the creative ways fellow Theatre-Makers have applied digital scenery at every level.

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Featured titles:

Junior Theatre | Production Photos

Rising Stars Performing Arts

With a performance like this, 🎶Things are looking up🎶 for Rising Stars Performing Arts!

Horizon West Theater Company

We are Toto-ly over the rainbow for the Horizon West Theater Company! ✨🌈✨🐾✨🌪️✨👠✨

Fort Wayne Youtheatre

Doesn't this just give you chills? We are absolutely frozen in awe of Fort Wayne Youtheatre!

Bigfork Playhouse Children's Theatre

Bigfork Playhouse Children's Theatre will go down in history for this amazing performance!

Magnolia Arts

"Anna... returned from the mountain with a frozen heart. It was too late to save her."

Wild Horse Productions

🎶 When you've got someone to love, you forget your care and strife. 🎶 We love this production!

Stage Kids Washington

"This is way beyond the boundaries of The Pride Lands. Very dangerous.""I laugh in the 😁 of danger"

7th Street Kids

This production from 7th Street Kids was shining, shimmering, splendid!! ✨✨✨

StepUp School, Skene

🎶 Dear old gent passing by, Something nice takes his eye 🎶 Must've been this amazing performance!

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