The official scenery for Music Theatre International Australasia shows.

All the scenes and settings for your next Music Theatre International Australasia musical, starting at just A$600.

Scenic Projections are perfectly tailored to your script, making performing incredible musicals simple and affordable so you can focus on what matters.

What are Scenic Projections?

Digital scenery that sticks to the official, licensed script.

Designed to make great production value simple and more affordable than traditional set design, our digital scenery resources combine easy-to-use projection software and beautiful artistry from award-winning designers.


We're the only company whose packages include all the scenes and settings from the official script, guaranteed. It's why we're trusted by Music Theatre International.


It's the perfect marriage of form and function: beautiful imagery combined with an intuitive software that's designed to "just work"!


Proven to cost less than the average cost of raw materials for a built set, so you can invest your budget (and your time) where it matters.

What you get

A licensor-approved, script-accurate show package that includes all scenes and settings from the official licensed script.

  • Script Accurate

  • Licensing Approved

  • Pre-Cued

  • Software Included

  • Customize Artwork

  • Rehearsal Materials

  • Scene Swap

  • Cinematic Motion

  • Easy Load-in

  • Feature-Oriented app

  • Bright Images

  • Animated Stage Magic

  • 3D Artwork

  • Animated Loops

  • HD Output

  • Student Friendly app

  • Cue Sheet

  • Layered Artwork*

  • Mapping Textures*

  • QLab Integration*

  • Vignettes*

    *Requires PRO License

Packages and Pricing

scenic projections

Full digital scenery packages for Music Theatre International's popular shows. Featuring every scene, setting and magic moment for an absorbing theatrical experience.

  • Animated Videos

  • Every Scene and Setting

  • Fully Programmed Cues

  • Integrated Cue Sheet

  • Mac, PC and iPad Software

  • Dedicated Customer Service

  • 4-week license

A$600 +GST


A$900 +GST


scenic projections pro

For theaters with advanced projection capabilities, PRO packages include adaptable and mappable scenic elements, overlays, textures, weather animations and additional resources.

  • Animated Videos

  • Media Server Mapping

  • Import into QLab

  • Layered Artwork PNGs

  • Scene and file guide

  • Overlays and Textures

  • 4-week license

A$2,350 +GST


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