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Enter the thrilling and comedic world of Clue, where Scenic Projections transport you to a secluded mansion for a whodunit dinner party. As a mysterious murder occurs, the eccentric characters become suspects, and with a clever and witty score, Clue keeps audiences guessing and laughing at each twist and turn. This fast-paced and hilarious musical is a delightful homage to the mystery genre, complete with secret passages, hidden motives, and unexpected revelations. Clue invites audiences to become detectives themselves, joining in the fun as they piece together the puzzle and unravel the thrilling mystery. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained and intrigued by Clue, a captivating and interactive theatrical experience enhanced by Scenic Projections that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the final curtain call.Read More
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We are a small rural school. Digital backdrops were amazing. The support team was awesome. I couldn’t have done this show without the Digital Backdrops! They were fantasmorific for James and the Giant Peach TYA

Chillicothe Middle School
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