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It's time to maximize your projector's output

The brightness of projections not only depends on the lumens output of your projector, but on the surface you’re projecting on. Different surfaces have the ability to absorb, reflect or diffuse light to meet your technical and production needs.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting screen materials and sizes by purposefully offering a specific inventory of tested products that are best suited for theatrical projection. We offer a series of solutions that are tailored to both budget and stage size, and fit standard scenic projections dimensions straight out of the box.

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stage set up and production light requirements.

What type of screen is best?

From cost-effective paint and muslin drops to Ambient Light Rejecting technology - explore the options best suited alongside your stage setup and production lighting design requirements.

Step 1

Determine optimal screen size

Place the screen upstage of your projector in an area where lighting can be controlled away from the surface. Determine the size needs based on projector output and venue requirements.

Step 2

Select an option within your budget

Choose from rental or purchase options within the Stage Screen lineup. Rental options are cost-effective and a great solution for unique productions or non-permanent venues.

Step 3

Install surface and test

Decide where you need to place the surface to achieve the highest quality projector brightness and size. Adjust the placement of surface and projectors as needed.

Our inventory advantage

An innovative solution for audio visual hardware

Hanging Fabric Screen Rentals

Pre-finished raw muslin fabric is an economical and commonly-used front projection surface that comes with all the gear to attach to your grid and be weighted for a smooth-tight surface.

Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

The Fixed Frame ALR Screen (front or rear setup) is our premium solution for super bright projections with excellent contrast in moderate to high ambient stage light conditions.

Highly Reflective Surface Paint

The affordable solution to creating a projection surface with our highly reflective surface paint made from a proprietary combination of the highest grade coating components available.

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Navigating the world of projection screens and surfaces can be overwhelming. We're here to help you select the best option for your unique production needs.

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