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We've thrown out the rulebook and made hardware for digital scenery simple and affordable. Enjoy stunning, shadow-free production values with super-bright projectors that are made for the stage.

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Essential digital projectors for integrating projections into live productions.

maximize production quality

Your next projector is made for the stage

We've taken the guesswork and frustration out of the projector rental process by purposefully offering a specific inventory of  effective and affordable projectors that meet all the requirements for the stage.







7k Lumens

.35 throw

1920x1080 HD


4k hours

9k Lumens

.35 throw

1920x1080 HD


20k hours

12k Lumens

.35 throw

1920x1080 HD


20k hours

15k Lumens

.35 throw

1920x1080 HD


20k hours


An affordable solution that pairs high image quality with a huge image, this projector is great for larger productions with controlled lighting and minimal natural light leakage.

Matching exacting image quality with a huge image, the Standard is perfect for larger stages and rooms with natural light leakage. This projector is a universal resource for reliable production values.

Featuring a powerful laser light source and deluxe .35 ultra short throw lens, this projector is perfect for a production with more stage lights seeking uncompromising image brilliance.

A large venue, ultra-bright laser projector that can handle anything you throw at it without sacrificing brightness or size. Paired with our ultra-short .35 premium powered lens, this projector provides unparalleled performance.

Stage Projector LITE


5k Lumens (Brightness)

.24 throw ration

1280x800 resolution

Laser Light Source

Introducing Stage Projector LITE, an affordable weekly rental bundle. For the low cost of $1,195 per week, you receive an ultra-short throw projector, common projector mount, premium quality 50 ft gold-plated HDMI cable and 50ft extension cord - with free shipping! In addition to the rented gear, we also include setup document and optional video call training.

Learn more about this model here.

An entry-level projector setup that is perfect for a smaller, carefully lit stage or black box up to 28ft wide. To reserve your rental, reserve online here.

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Our advantage

An innovative solution for A/V hardware

Our Featured-Oriented Inventory (FOI) model gives you easy access to the highest quality gear you actually need – without the fuss.

Step 1

Determine optimal image size

Adjust projector placement depending on your unique stage requirements. The closer to the surface, the smaller the image.

Step 2

Select necessary image brightness

Adjust stage lighting away from the projection surface to understand and select the appropriate projector brightness.

Step 3

Add-on accessories

Resources available to adapt to all stage setups. Purchase individual hardware tools or select bundled accessory kits.

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