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What are scenic projections?

Animated and script-accurate digital scenery packages for theatre.

We’re the trusted provider of theatrical digital scenery for thousands of theaters worldwide, and the verified resource for Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide shows. Our animated shows feature every scene and setting to match your script, and are delivered through intuitive software. Scenic Projections improve and simplify your production design process, while saving you money.

some of our customer favorite features
  • Our animated backdrop theatre projections follow every scene,  setting and magic moment in the script.
  • We have animated backdrop scenery packages for popular titles, including Disney's Frozen JR., Mary Poppins, Shrek and more! 
  • Scenic Projections are delivered through intuitive software, making it easy to use theatrical digital scenery in your show.
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Explore digital scenery for popular plays and musicals.

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scenic projections

Make your stage come alive.

Scenic Projections are designed to be very simple and intuitive.

Making the switch from costly traditional scenery in your next production is worry-free – and guaranteed to save you money.

Animated digital scenery is changing the way we make theatre. Designed to reduce blackouts, save stage space, and money – there's never been a better time to take advantage of the amazing technical developments in projection.

Broadway Media's Scenic Projections stand above the competition in quality and ease of use. Our digital theatrical backdrop packages for popular plays and musicals are true to the script and pre-cued in our intuitive projection software so you can simply plug in and perform.

Directors and educators are choosing Broadway Media's Scenic Projections for their theatrical digital scenery to spend less time and money on building sets (or hanging those dusty old backdrops), and more time on what matters: creating amazing theatre.

What you get with Scenic Projections

Pre-Production Materials

Download and begin working with watermarked materials available in advance of your performance dates to provide ample time for coordination and rehearsal. 

Quality Licensed Artwork

Thoughtful design from world-renowned artists, specifically packaged for licensed use to match the authors intent and meet the unique demands of each show.

Cinematic Animated Movement

Special effects like changes in light, weather, ambiance and amazing scene changes make for an engaging, interactive production that requires no blackouts!

Intuitive Software

StagePlayer, an intuitive, cross-platform Mac, PC and iPad app, that includes easy customization tools.

Professional License

Upgrade to include the layered assets needed for mapping applications or for use with your professional control software.

Tools for Success

Take advantage of script-accurate cue sheets, projector rentals, and training videos to get you setup and running quickly.

A resource platform designed to empower theatre makers, regardless of space, place or budget.

Getting started

It’s as easy as 1..2..3.

Follow these steps for a seamless production process. For Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide musicals, you can either order your resources from us, or through your licensing representative.

Step 1

License the show package

Firstly, thank you for considering this resource! Secondly, you won’t regret it – we know that once you’ve made the switch to Scenic Projections, you won’t look back. We provide our Scenic Projections in two versions "Standard" and "Pro" depending on your needs.

Step 2

Customize and rehearse

Scenic Projections  are uniquely aligned to your script: each image or video segment is tied to a specific cue line. This makes integration of digital scenery into your production incredibly simple. Customize with cue options to select the perfect scenery for your show.

Step 3

Amaze your audience

Broadway Media provides a variety of resources and world class theatre experts transform your stage, increase production value and contribute to an unforgettable theatrical experience
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Don’t just take our word for it.

“What a great experience to work with heir team. A dazzling professional product offered at reasonable pricing and superior service!...Thespians: Look at your set budget , factor in hours of labor and then give a click to compare. Just sayin'.”

David Pierce
Theatre Denton
Denton, TX

Our show was amazing, definitely one of the best I've done. The projections were so beautiful, and having them definitely contributed to the success of our show. IT SAVED US TIME AND MONEY, and I never would have had the variety of backgrounds without Broadway Media – I look forward to using them again next year!

Jaqueline Foss
Presentation of Mary Academy
Methuen, MA