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The power of Broadway at your fingertips

Our buffer-free playback software Stage Player takes the complexities and cost of a media server and puts your show in the cloud, making it easier than ever to integrate digital scenery into your next production.

stage player

Make the leap to digital scenery with our official app

Developed in-house, and included with all Scenic Projection licenses at no additional cost - Stage Player makes the use of digital scenery easier than ever before.

Intuitive user experience design and powerful cloud technology proves Stage Player to be the optimal app choice for your next production.

Seamless transitions

Gorgeous animated scene transitions built specifically for Scenic Projections

Be in the moment

Developed for the uncertainty of live theatre, change scenes easily on-the-fly

Simple setup

Prep your show in-app with edit features, the ultimate plug-and-play functionality

Superior quality

Delivered in high-definition through optimal video compression to download quickly

Rehearsal mode

Work with watermarked production materials far in advance of license period

Cross platform

Minimal system requirements, and compatible with Mac, Windows and iPad

About stage player

The industry-leading projections control app

StagePlayer is an app that runs shows of all sizes, and is made for the stage.

Reliable and featuring a simple design for intuitive and easily controlled playback. StagePlayer makes it simple to cue intricate projection images and videos during live performances.

Scenic Projections are delivered through Stage Player with pre-licensed, pre-made images and videos, specifically prepared by a certified technician for your performance.

Once downloaded, users have the ability to edit cue order, duplicate images and videos, edit timing and more! When you’re done designing, you're ready for opening night. Now, run projections by simply pressing “CUE”.

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