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Microphone Accessory Kit

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Complete your wireless microphone rental with our Microphone Accessory Kit, sent with all BodyMics expansion packs. If you need additional microphone clips or mic tape, the Microphone Accessory Kit is yours to keep for a nominal fee. If not, simply return the kit unopened with your rental.
This product is not available in your region (USA/Canada). Our Stage Gear products are only available in United States.
Sent with all BodyMics expansion packs, our microphone accessory kit comes with eight microphone cable clothing clips (4 Blonde & 4 Black), plus eight lavalier microphone lapel clips. Microphone cable clothing clips can be easily attached to shirts/collars, while lavalier microphones clips ensure that the microphone is seamlessly hidden in your performer’s hairline. For more secure adherence to your performer, the accessory kit also comes with 1 roll of microphone tape. A microphone accessory kit will come complimentary with your expansion packs. It’s up to you if you’d like to use it or not! Open, keep, and be charged one time for $69.95. If not, you can simply return it unopened at no charge.