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Make Your Stage Come Alive with Digital Scenery

Making the switch from traditional scenery in your next production is worry free – and guaranteed to save you money! See why thousands of theatre teachers are choosing Broadway Media’s Scenic Projections over other providers. 

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When it comes to projection companies, we're not all the same. With hundreds of images to choose from, making decisions can be overwhelming. Our advice: go for products that will actually make your job easier

Sticks the script

We’re the only company whose packages include all the scenes and settings from the official script, guaranteed

Simple. Beautiful.

Scenic Projections are the perfect marriage of form and function: beautiful imagery combined with an intuitive software that’s designed to “just work”.

Saves you money

Proven to cost less than the average cost of raw materials for a built set, so you can invest your budget where it matters.

licensor approved

Our partnerships with Music Theatre International and Theatrical rights Worldwide make us the most trusted resource for digital scenery in America, Australasia and Europe. 

app included

Every license comes complete with our user-friendly stage player playback app. Available on Mac, PC and iPad, our app gives you rehearsal. Live play/pause, edit and blackout capabilities. 

professional license

For schools with advanced scenic requirements or theatre technology programs, our new professional license providers for custom image dissection and mapping that is compatible with your chosen software. 


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June 19, 2023
June 23, 2023
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Disney Kids!

Scenic Projections for Disney’s Kids Editions have all the Bare Necessities - and more!

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We're All In This Together - All the Versions of High School Musical!

Do you know the difference between the Full, One-Act, and Junior versions of the High School Musical?

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Anastasia Youth Edition Scenic Projections are Now Available: Bringing Broadway Design to Youth Performers

Now available for licensing Anastasia Youth Edition is a 60-minute version of the hit Broadway musical adaptation of the animated film. Featuring both the classic music from the film, including “Once Upon A December,” as well as original music for the stage, this modern fairytale has gained popularity for good reason.

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Look out! Scenic Projections for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Kids are now on the scene!

Scenic Projections bring Pongo and Perdita’s London to life with a hand-drawn style that evokes the iconic style of the film.

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Popular School Theatre Titles:

School Theatre Production Photos

Pearland High School

♫♪ Don't you wanna be evil like me? Don't you wanna be mean? ♪♫ 🐉🐲💫😈😈😈🙈

Lincoln County High School

"You and I friend will go down In history!... St. Petersburg will have some more to talk about!"

West Milford Township High School

🎶 Nothing's as amazing as a musical 🎶 performed by West Milford Township High School!

Colony High School

Way to go, Colony High School! This production was absolutely wicked!! 💚🌈

North Whitfield Middle School

We are so proud of the "revolting children" of North Whitfield Middle School!

North Whitfield Middle School

This was such a moving performance! We could not believe our "ice"!! ✨👀🧊✨

St. Joseph High School

The Jocks and the Brainiacs mingling in study hall? We are thrilled our projections could join them!

Union High School

The crowd goes wild for Union High School! They make getting your head in the game look easy! 🏀

Lee's Summit High School

This was such a moving performance by Lee's Summit High School! Well done!

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