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As a cultural cornerstone of your community, you’re charged with doing a lot with a little. We’re changing that. We’re working with critically acclaimed designers for the performing arts to make their work available to professional theaters around the world. Affordable licenses to these designs will transform your production process, and give you the flexibility to reallocate your budget to more pressing demands. 

Our Licensing Partners


License designs from Broadway

You have access to the original work of Broadway’s design visionaries, and the critical support you need to integrate them into your season. 

Distribution Network

Broadway Media is a technological distribution expert in the theatrical space. With relationships with leading national providers such as 4Wall and Rose Brand, we do the heavy lifting for you.

Concierge Support

With services led by seasoned theatrical management professionals from Broadway, you’ll be working hand-in-hand with a team who understands your needs.


Original work licensing is more affordable than you think, giving you the opportunity to better invest in your organization. 

Customizable Assets

All original works are delivered as layered, customizable files with easy-to-use legends, textures and scenic elements. 

Custom Design

Our partnerships with artists and design companies extend to affordable custom work by seasoned professionals. Want a change? Need a designer? No problem.

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