6 Reasons Drama Teachers are Choosing Scenic Projections for their Plays and Musicals

Making the switch from traditional scenery in your next production is worry free – and guaranteed to save you money! See why the world's leading theatre licensing agencies and real teachers are choosing Broadway Media's Scenic Projections over other providers.


We're the only company whose packages include all the scenes and settings from the official script, guaranteed. It's why we're trusted by Music Theatre International.


It's the perfect marriage of form and function: beautiful imagery combined with an intuitive software that's designed to "just work"!


Proven to cost less than the average cost of raw materials for a built set, so you can invest your budget (and your time) where it matters.


Scenic Projections look great and work even better, thanks to our easy-to-use Mac, PC and iPad app, included in each rental.


Broadway Media is proud to offer official scenery for many of the Disney titles, popular MTI and TRW titles, among others.


Distinct, consistent style and color palette throughout, with artwork from theatre’s most celebrated designers.


1. Sticks to the script

When it comes to projection companies, we're not all the same. With hundreds of images to choose from, making decisions can be overwhelming. Our advice: go for products that will actually make your job easier. After all, that's what projections are for, right? Try:
• Scenic Projection packages that include all the scenes and settings from the official script, ready to go.

Verified and approved projections from licensing companies like Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

• Instant rehearsal materials through an easy-to-use app.
Scenic Projections for school theatre


2. Designed to save time

When it comes to pulling a school play or musical together, you're managing scores of students, their parents, budgets – not to mention the design and build of your show. Scenic Projections helps you focus on what matters: the education and enrichment of your kids.

• Tested, tested, and tested again to make sure your scenery just works.

• Can replace a built set, saving the need to enlist volunteers and trips to the lumber yard!  


3. Priced for everyone

Scenic Projections is all about getting kids onstage, learning something new, and introducing theatre to every community. With animated full-show packages for Junior musicals at just $450, you can worry less, and invest your budget where it matters most.

Plus, they cost less than the price of raw set materials: it’s a win-win.
Affordable digital projections for theatre from Broadway Media
Scenic Projections are simple to use thanks to our StagePlayer app.


4. Beautifully simple

Scenic Projections look great and work even better. We don't expect you to dedicate precious time to learning new skills, so our intuitive app for iPad, Mac or PC is designed to just work, while still giving you all the tools you need to easily adapt the projections to suit your space and needs. With data projectors available in most classrooms nationwide, using our projections will feel instantly familiar.

And if you're struggling with hardware, we have that too.


5. Your favorite titles

Broadway Media is proud to offer official scenery for all of the popular Disney titles like Disney’s Frozen JR., Mary Poppins, and Disney’s The Lion King. Our 120+ library of Scenic Projections features many junior titles for new and traditional shows including Shrek The Musical JR., The Addams Family young@part and Les Misérables: you can perform a show your kids will love with incredible production design.
Digital projections for popular musicals including Disney shows!
Anastasia projections available for licensing.


6. Stunning artwork

Each Scenic Projection package features a distinct, consistent style and color palette throughout, with artwork from theatre’s most celebrated artists, including Broadway projection designers. With each scene transition impressively animated to avoid blackouts and reduce runtime, and every setting rendered with ambient animations to enhance storytelling – your production gets the high-quality, cohesive look it deserves.

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