Solutions for Dance & Ballet

Dance & Ballet

Transforming the traditional dance recital into an interactive, professional experience for your dancers and audience members is easier than ever. With affordable digital scenery from Broadway Media, select from a library of themed images to build a visual narrative into your production values to compliment your repertoire. 


Resources for a better, more affordable dance production. 

Build Your OwN Show

Work our team to select from a library of beautiful images and videos to create a production that is uniquely yours. 

Animated Moments

Changes in weather, time and mood to set the right tone for each number.

Free Software

A simple, plug-and-play software for Mac, PC and iPad that can be run by virtually anyone.

Quality Artwork

Immersive, 3D artwork that will wow audiences! 


With full licenses for the whole year, you can fill out your whole performance calendar for less than you might expect.

Works Anywhere

Plug into a data projector, TV or better to create a fantastic show