Set the stage for your performance

Digital scenery can punctuate your recital or performance with beautiful graphics that are designed to add atmosphere and drama

Transform Any Space, Any Performance

A world of possibilities are open to you as you explore the over 3,000 individual backdrops that make up our extensive digital backdrop library! From magical landscapes to urban scenes to fantasy settings, outer space, abstract patterns, and beyond, you're sure to find everything you need to complement your repertoire. Unlimited access, easy-to-use software, and projector rentals, it's never been easier to make your next recital magical.

Whether you're performing in a theatre, cozy studio, rented space, or moving between all three, digital backdrops can easy go where you go! Full subscription licenses for the entire year allow you to use digital backdrops for your whole performance calendar, allowing you to create captivating productions at a fraction of the cost of traditional backdrops.
Broadway Media
Broadway Media

Your All-in-One Backdrop Solution

Our StagePlayer app is specifically designed to make incorporating digital backdrops a breeze. With built-in tools like scene swaps, editing capabilities, and cue sheets, you can easily synchronize your visuals with the rhythm and flow of your dancers. Whether you're using the software on Mac or PC, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Beyond the Ordinary

Our talented team are on hand to help you curate a selection of backdrops that are perfect for your unique style and performance. With animated moments that change weather, time, and mood you'll have the power to set the perfect ambiance for each number. That way, no matter what the mood you're aiming for, you're sure to have a performance that captivates your audience.
Broadway Media