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College Theatre

For the busy Theatre Arts department, digital scenic resources are more than just an affordable backdrop replacement for the performance season. A professional license of our Scenic Projections gives student technicians and designers a solid foundation for server education, mapping, and design from the leaders in the field.


An all round education and performance resource provider.

Industry Best Practices

On-site exposure to the work of pioneering projectionists in the performing arts for practical application of the medium in a variety of performance types. 

Broadway Designers

What’s better than learning how to map and program than with artwork designed by experts in the field? 

Media-Server Compatible

Professional licenses include video and image files for programming for a variety of spatial challenges and applications. 

Cue sheets

Learn the industry standard for file management and cue-writing for simple integration with performances. 

Affordable Performance Season

Pre-built scenic packages for licensable plays and musicals that save on built materials and time.

Expert Resource

Broadway Media commercialized digital scenery for applications across the industry. Consider us a resource for how we do it, and how the performing arts continues to innovate.

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