Lucky Stiff

Lucky Stiff

Lucky Stiff is a delightfully quirky and comical murder mystery musical, and with Digital Backdrops by Broadway Media, the eccentric and humorous characters come to life in vivid and dynamic settings. Our digital scenery show packages transport you from the glamorous French Riviera to the eerie and mysterious streets of Atlantic City, creating a visually captivating experience that complements the zany and offbeat humor of the show. As the story unfolds with mistaken identities, hidden fortunes, and unexpected twists, our projections add an extra layer of charm to the whimsical and absurd situations. Get ready to be entertained and amused by the hilarious antics of Lucky Stiff as Broadway Media's Digital Backdrops elevate the show's eccentricity and comedic brilliance, leaving you laughing and guessing until the final curtain call.Read More
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Scenic Projections Features

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Easy Load-in

Imagine not having to hang costly painted backdrop rentals. Simply hang your projector, plug in your Mac or PC, and you’re ready to use digital scenery.
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Pre-Cued Packages

All videos and images in our packages are pre-programmed in the easy-to-use projections control software, StagePlayer.
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Stage Magic

World-class animation means magic moments and special effects. Imagine your Elsa conjuring her ice palace or Mary Poppins flying over London.
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No Fly Space Needed

Projections solve many spatial issues, including no fly space.
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Cinematic Motion

All packages come with scene transitions, weather and special effects.
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Reduce Runtime

No need for blackouts and physical set changes with digital scenery.