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Step into the hilarious world of 9 to 5 - The Empowering Musical, joining three working women on a misadventure through office politics and their quest for justice. Set in the vibrant late 1970s, this high-energy show celebrates friendship, empowerment, and the triumph of the underdog. Experience the magic of Scenic Projections by Broadway Media, transporting you to the bustling office environment and enhancing the immersive atmosphere of the era. Let visually captivating and seamless digital backdrops set the stage, drawing you into the heart of the story. With catchy tunes and sharp humor, 9 to 5 - The Empowering Musical delivers a powerful and inspiring message that resonates with all audiences. Embrace the future of theatre with Scenic Projections by Broadway Media, creating an unforgettable experience. Redefine 9 to 5 - The Empowering Musical as a must-see celebration of empowerment.Read More
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We are a small rural school. Digital backdrops were amazing. The support team was awesome. I couldn’t have done this show without the Digital Backdrops! They were fantasmorific for James and the Giant Peach TYA

Chillicothe Middle School
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