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With official, script-accurate show packages, free intuitive software, and hassle-free A/V rentals, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to bring a bit of Broadway magic to your next production.

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Scenic Projections

Broadway Media is theatre's only official resource for show-specific digital scenery packages, and is proud to partner with Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide to make these useful and affordable scenic resources available for many of their popular titles and junior theatre variants.

Featuring every scene, setting and magic moment from the official licensed script, free software, and alternate scenes to fit into your production, Scenic Projections are the most effective projection design tool available today.

For organizations with advanced projection capabilities, our Scenic Projections are available in a professional package of layered, customizable artwork files, with useful textures and scenic elements included for mapping.

getting started

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The basics




StagePlayer app

Broadway Media’s class-leading projection control software is designed to make integrating projections into your next production a breeze! Featuring simple functionality like scene swap, edit, blackout, cueing, pre-filled cue sheets and more, you’ll feel like a projections pro without the steep learning curve!


It’s a familiar feeling – you love the idea of a resource or product, and then you find that you have a shopping list the length of your arm to make it work and more reading than you can fit in your day. It shouldn’t be this way. 

We want you to love digital scenery, so we’ve thrown out the A/V rulebook to bring you only the hardware you need, separated by simple, measurable quality differences (brightness and reflectiveness). It means you can make a decision in minutes, feel confident that it’s going to work great, and save some money in the process!

3. Transform your stage!

Plan ahead and schedule plenty of time to test your theatre projection setup and you'll be amazed how your stage becomes a tool for Broadway-Quality visual storytelling! Audiences will enjoy the cinematic transitions between scene changes or magical effects during a scene. Customers find that Broadway Media's digital scenery creates flexibility, increases production value and contributes to an unforgettable theatrical experience!

Comprehensive digital scenery show packages.

Scenic Projections unleash new possibilities for your stage, and provide a cost-effective solution for theatres replace traditional backdrops.

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