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Take your projection hardware to the next level

We've thrown out the rulebook and made hardware for digital scenery simple (and affordable). We've got your back with incredible short-throw super bright projectors that are made for the stage.

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Essential digital projectors for integrating projections  into live productions.

Traditionally, theatres installed long-throw projectors, hung from the back of the theatre with long-throw lenses that cast shadows or seem dull from light pollution, impacting the audience’s experience.

Gain access to innovative new short-throw technology that delivers brilliantly bright high-quality imagery.

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Innovative short-throw projectors offer bright images from a short distance

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Invest in quality hardware that will expand your visual storytelling possibilities


Refined selection of theatrical tools to enable Broadway-quality productions

maximize production quality

Your next projector is made for the stage

- Beautiful projections without shadows
- Affordable monthly rentals
- No guesswork

We've taken the guesswork and frustration out of the projector rental process by purposefully offering a specific inventory of  effective and affordable projectors that meet all the requirements for the stage.

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Our advantage

An innovative solution for audio visual hardware

Through our Feature-Oriented Inventory (FOI) model, you gain access to the highest quality gear, regardless of manufacturer or distributor.

Step 1

Determine optimal image size

Adjust projector placement depending on your unique stage requirements. The closer to the surface, the smaller the image.

Step 2

Select necessary image brightness

Adjust stage lighting away from the projection surface to understand and select the appropriate projector brightness.

Step 3

Add-on accessories

Resources available to adapt to all stage setups. Purchase individual hardware tools or select bundled accessory kits.

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Navigating the world of audio visual hardware can be overwhelming. We're here to help you select the best option for your stage.

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