Digital Scenery Solutions

Applications for Scenic Projections across the performing arts industry

School Theatre

Helping our beloved teachers stress less and enjoy what matters: the education and enrichment of their students.

Each year, thousands of drama, music and dance teachers are switching to Broadway Media’s digital scenery for the first time. The outstanding economic benefits, elevated production values, and important time savings compared to managing traditional efforts is spreading across the theatre world. By saving time and money, teachers are providing students with richer performance and technical opportunities, and creating the next generation of theatre makers.

Community Theatre

A flexible resource approach for an industry where one size does not fit all.

From villages to cities, community theatre organizations provide a vital, inclusive cultural resource through clubs, societies and performances of all shapes and sizes. But while each might seem different, there is one thing that unites them all: a love for theatre. Broadway Media’s resources are designed to be flexible and affordable, providing a simple way to elevate production values, or licensing Broadway-quality materials to be professionally integrated into the most ambitious of productions.

Professional Theatre

Access to Broadway-level production design for cash-strapped cultural epicenters.

It’s no secret that regional theatres perform minor miracles on a daily basis, but we’re making things a little easier. Broadway Media’s network of award-winning designers, national hardware distributors, and licensable creative properties put producing a season of first class productions within reach (while not putting a greater strain on the budget). Through an outstanding client concierge service led by leaders in the Broadway theatrical management field, you’ll have design and technology resources never before possible.

Dance & Ballet

From baby ballet to prima ballerinas: For the first time, beautiful production values are available for every recital.    

There’s not one person who didn’t – or doesn’t know someone – who loved going to dance classes when they were younger. After all, dance (of all types) is one of the most significant and celebrated cultural exports of any country. It’s time dance companies everywhere were afforded stunning production resources at an affordable price – and we’re here for you.

Choral & Music Groups

Concerts are now a feast for the eyes – as well as the ears.

There is little greater avenue for bringing arts into the community than through our local and regional music and choral societies. Built on a combination of discipline and passion, choral societies and music groups regularly provide transformative experiences through song from centuries of composers and perspectives. Broadway Media’s digital scenery provides an enriched experience for local audiences by combining beautiful visual storytelling with the singular performance of a chorus.

College Theatre

Resources for labs, technical education and performance season.

As the vital next step for artists and technicians training for entry into a theatre profession, college is the perfect place to familiarize and engage students with projection design, particularly as the medium continues to proliferate across the professional theatre industry. From simple set ups for a ready-to-go, affordable lab or performance, or Broadway designers’ artwork to experiment with media mapping, Digital Scenery is a useful tool for every application.

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