Licensing Services

Critical intellectual property protection and new revenue for theatre artists beyond Broadway.

Broadway Media introduces a streamlined talent and licensing service that enables secondary market theatre makers access to original production design.

Our Model

Protecting, managing licensing and elevating the work of theatre's leading designers for use in the secondary theatrical market.

Your original designs are vital to the realization and success of a Broadway show, so we think it's time you received the same post-Broadway property protection and revenue generation that authors do. This gives you the freedom to push design boundaries, enjoy greater financial security, and gain exposure to a huge audience of theatre makers you never thought possible. 

Convert Original Designs into Licensable Resources

Protect and Promote Intellectual Property

License and Monitor Reproduction Rights

We work directly with designers to adapt their original materials to fit all licensed script versions, integrate into our multi-platform protection software; and utilize high profile organizations to expose the work.

We provide assistance with Federal Copyright protections and provide individualized promotional strategies to elevate designers and their work.

We deliver resources to customers through industry-leading distribution software with IP safeguarding tools; and collect royalties on a designer's behalf. 

Secondary Market

  • Community Theaters, Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Religious Organizations, Children’s Theaters, Camps, Symphony Orchestras, Cruise Ships, Casinos, Hotels,
    Colleges and Universities

  • 50 Million tickets sold annually in U.S. schools

  • 70,000+ secondary theatre productions in the u.s. annually

  • 1.4 BILLION Spent on production design materials annually

  • Theatre is produced relying on the limited time and financial donations of parents, the wider community, and students, developing a need for resources.


  • Fringe market with a concentrated focus

  • 17 Million tickets sold annually

  • 42 Theatres

  • Income tied to production timelines

  • Ticket sales tied to tourism

Broadway Media

We break down barriers to the Performing Arts by innovating on everyday technology to create resources that help build a more informed, empowered and creative world.

Broadway Media was founded in 2013 to bring the proliferation of projection design on Broadway to a growing secondary class theatre market enthusiastic for a user-friendly model of the art form.


License Only

Minimum Viable

Derivative Product


Vertical Integration

By distilling complex media into intuitive “plug and play” technologies, projection design has become a force in breaking down financial and physical hurdles to production, expanding communities’ access to theatre, and creating a lucrative second life for designers’ intellectual property in schools, colleges, community and professional regional theaters.

The 1.4B secondary performance resource market currently experiences massive fragmentation. We provide a marketplace solution that reduces friction for the hyper-targeted secondary market. Broadway Media created a model to represent original design work, create derivative commercial products and deliver via software to capitalize on an established licensing system.

Broadway Media’s resource utilization is the fastest-growing in the industry, and the second-most popular behind pre-recorded instrumental tracks. With expansion into  the Australasia and Europe licensing regions, our strategic distribution partnerships with the world’s leading grand rights theatrical licensing agencies give us unprecedented global reach to the  secondary theatrical market.

Market Validation

"Broadway Hits the Middle School Circuit"

February 23, 2018

"Licensing has reversed the fortunes of some shows. “Seussical: The Musical” lost $10 million in six months when it debuted on Broadway in 2000… In the 2016-17 season, Music Theatre International issued more than 2,500 licenses for middle and elementary school “Seussical" adaptations."

"..roughly a decade ago, licenses sold to elementary and middle schools made up about 10 percent of revenue for many licensing firms. Now it can be closer to 25 percent."

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Designworks Licensing Services

Collect royalties and protect against imitation long after closing night.

We developed DesignWorks Licensing - a platform for licensed theatrical resources to create lawful access to designers’ intellectual property, and generating long term royalties for theatrical designers.

We tailor our product specifically for the secondary market, delivering a brilliant end-to-end experience, that protects original work and allows for customer use in both practical and educational environments.  Every DesignWorks artist – and their work – will receive specialized dynamic marketing to a new, untapped market of theatremakers. 

Now, with DesignWorks, celebrated original production design elements are commercially available to license to  the secondary market. 

To learn more, please contact:
Susan Cody, Director of Client Services