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Broadway Media, founded in 2013, revolutionized the theatrical resource market with digital scenery, and now leads the world in projection design and technology for the second class theatre market. Grounded in the belief that theatre is for everyone, Broadway Media leverages consumer technology to make the performing arts more financially and technically accessible than ever before. Broadway Media's team is dedicated to breaking down barriers to theatre making and giving access to world-class resources regardless of space, place, or budget.

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Quentin E. Sanford, Founder and President

Quentin Sanford is President and founder of Broadway Media, an entertainment tech company providing licensed media resources, including Scenic Projections and Choreography Guides.

As an advocate for the arts, Quentin is involved in various philanthropic efforts to increase access to theatre education in underfunded communities. He’s traveled extensively to present at trade events and provide educational workshops for school and community theatre organizations.

In addition to his primary position at Broadway Media, Quentin is also a partner in a software development start-up, and founded DesignWorks, a new licensing agency providing services to professional theatre designers.

Previously, Quentin helped launch Stage Gear, a national projector and screen rental company; and was also the Director of Business Development at CCG, a creative marketing firm.

Quentin is a graduate of California State University, and lives in Central California with his wife and family.

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