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Broadway Media, founded in 2013, revolutionized the theatrical resource market with digital scenery, and now leads the world in projection design and technology for the second class theatre market. Grounded in the belief that theatre is for everyone, Broadway Media leverages consumer technology to make the performing arts more financially and technically accessible than ever before. Broadway Media's team is dedicated to breaking down barriers to theatre making and giving access to world-class resources regardless of space, place, or budget.

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Quentin E. Sanford, Founder and President

Quentin Sanford is the founder and President of Broadway Media, the official provider of digital scenery to Music Theatre International and Theatrical Rights Worldwide. He has directed the development of more than 250 licensed brand-oriented products that, in the last few years, have been featured in millions of performances. Quentin is also involved in philanthropic efforts to increase access to arts education in Central California, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.

Susan Cody, Director of Client Services

Susan Cody is a seasoned Broadway Company Manager who recently transitioned to the theatrical licensing industry. Her recent credits include The Color Purple (Revival), Groundhog Day The Musical, Kinky Boots, In Residence on Broadway and numerous Off-Broadway shows. Susan heads up Broadway Media’s intellectual property licensing and client relationships. She lives in the historic district of Fresno with her husband and their dog.

Lawrence Haynes, Director of Marketing

Lawrence Haynes is the Director of Marketing where he’s focused on Broadway Media’s brand development, advertising, internet presence, additional customer-facing marketing and company materials. Prior to joining Broadway Media, Lawrence worked as a member of the marketing team at Concord Theatricals (nee Samuel French). He has worked in the theatrical licensing industry since 2016, following his graduation from the Arts Administration masters program at Columbia University. He has a Bachelors in Law from the University of Nottingham. He lives in the historic district of Fresno with his wife and their dog.

Laura Facciani, Director of Success

Laura Facciani is Director of Success where she is responsible for the full-cycle adoption and application of Broadway Media’s technology by customers. Laura is a graduate of California State University with degrees in Art and Humanities and General Business. Her diverse career has helped her culminate a strong background in marketing, business development, human resources, project management, and public speaking. In her spare time, Laura enjoys traveling and photography. She lives in the historic district of Fresno with her husband, daughter and two dogs.

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