Les Misérables School Edition

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A gritty and evocative composition brings new life and perspective to the world's most treasured contemporary musical.

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Les Misérables School Edition
Les Misérables School Edition
Les Misérables School Edition


Les Misérables School Edition

Set against the backdrop of 19th century Paris in the run-up to, and in the immediate aftermath of, the 1832 June Rebellion, Les Misérables School Edition – an entwined anthology of love, politics, law and grace – is regarded as one of the preeminent musicals of a generation. Overflowing with melodies now regarded as modern classics of Musical Theatre, the story of the pursuit of ex-convict Jean Valjean from Digne to the streets of Paris is brought to life with artful ScenicProjections that sketch a story of poverty, bloodshed and hope.
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Explore the Scenic Projections

Scenic Projections

A script-accurate show package that includes all scenes and settings. Scenic Projections are the perfect marriage of form and function: beautiful imagery combined with an intuitive software that's designed to "just work"! Proven to cost less than the average cost of raw materials for a built set, so you can invest your budget (and your time) on other areas of the production.

Scenic Projections increase production value and contribute to an unforgettable theatrical experience.

  • Our projections follow every scene,  setting and magic moment in the script, guaranteed.
  • You get instant rehearsal and performance materials through one easy-to-use app.
  • You save money compared to the materials cost of a traditional set, or physical backdrop rental.

License options

Standard License

Incredible, script-accurate scenery and software that doesn't break the budget.
  • Animated Videos
  • Every Scene and Setting
  • Fully Programmed Cues
  • Integrated Cue Sheet
  • Mac, PC and iPad Software
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • 4-week license

Pro License

Mapping-capable, customizable scenery for theatre organizations with advanced projection capabilities.
  • Media Server Mapping
  • Import into QLab
  • Layered Artwork
  • Scene and file guide
  • Complimentary overlays
  • Professional textures
  • 4-week license

Screen Rentals

The brightness of projections not only depends on your projector, but on the surface you’re projecting on. We’ve taken the guesswork away by selecting a specific inventory of products best suited for projection.

Projector Rentals

Essential digital projectors for integrating projections into live productions. Beautiful, large projections without shadows, affordable monthly rentals - No guesswork.

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