The Addams Family Gets Multi-Surface Digital Scenery Staging

The Addams Family Gets Multi-Surface Digital Scenery Staging

The Addams Family at Hoboken High School fully immersed their audience in their digital scenery by not only using an upstage cyc as a backdrop replacement, but also projection mapped digital scenery of the sides of their proscenium to add atmospheric effects and extend the area in which the magical effects could take place.

The Addams Family
Hoboken High School
Danielle Miller

We have been working with Danielle at Hoboken High School for the past couple of years. I wanted to share her setup of Addams Family because she incorporated parts of her auditorium as a way to immerse her audience with the digital scenery. While her setup is much more involved than most customers, her unique design could be a source of inspiration!

Here are the details:

Hoboken High School had three projectors projecting on three different surfaces; an upstage cyc and stage left and stage right projections on her curved auditorium walls.

Digital Scenery Use
Upstage backdrop replacement; Stage left and right backdrop replacement extensions and atmospheric effects
Surface Size
Upstage - 40’ wide, 14’ tall; SL and SR - 16’ wide, 10’ tall
Surface Material
Upstage - Muslin cyc; SL and SR - curved auditorium walls
Upstage - Stage Projector Plus; SL and SR - Stage Projector Economy
Projector Placement
Upstage - 1st electric, roughly 15’ from the projection surface; SL and SR - black batons over the pit, 5' from the start of the apron on stage

Hoboken High School had a single computer operator sitting on the catwalk to the side of the stage. They were was able to see the stage left and center projection, but not see the stage right. When hanging the equipment for stage left and stage right projectors it took about 20 hours of Hoboken High’s maintenance crew going up on the Genie and ladders to get the size and keystone correct.

Advice to theatremakers:

Do a test run before every performance. - Danielle

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Director's Biography

Danielle Miller has always had an enormous passion for theatre. Straight from high school, she interned with private acting coach Bob Luke in NYC and performed and toured with the off-Broadway production of Tony and Tina’s Wedding. Her experiences in NYC allowed her to see that her true passion was in directing and theatre education. Danielle went on to earn a BA in theatre with a minor in musical theatre and an MA in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University. She currently works as the Theatre Director for The District of Hoboken where she has created an award winning K-12 Theatre Program over the last ten years. She received a Governor's Award in Arts Education for Outstanding Theatre Educator of the Year and was awarded the District of Hoboken's Teacher of the year in 2015. She currently serves on three statewide committees 1.) NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards theatre writing team 2). NJ SEL/Arts Education Framework which intersects SEL standards with New Jersey Student Learning Standards in the Visual and Performing Arts and 3.) Arts Ed NJ Task Force which is working towards figuring out how to provide meaningful arts education that can be presented and learned both remotely and when schools reopen. Ms. Miller serves as the current President of the Speech and Theatre Association of NJ. This organization is the voice of advocacy for inclusion of speech and theatre arts in education curricula. She teaches workshops at the NJEA Teachers Convention annually and has been a student of HB Studio studying Uta Hagen's Techniques for eighteen years.