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What are Scenic Projections?

Our Scenic Projections are designed in collaboration with our theatre licensing partners, and feature every scene, setting and magic moment from the script for less than the cost of set building materials.

If you visited a Broadway show lately, say, Dear Evan Hansen, Anastasia, Amelie, Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time, or King Kong (to name a few), you may have noticed dazzling artwork that seamlessly moves with the action, designed to enhance the storytelling and give the stage a voice. Technically, what you were seeing was a collection of videos and still images, beautifully designed by leading creatives like Aaron Rhyne, Peter Nigrini, Tal Yarden and Sven Ortel. Their work is then subtly looped and programmed to flow with the actors onstage - all controlled by the heroes behind Broadway’s light desks.

The term “Projection Design” can be something of a red-herring: You don’t necessarily need a projector. In US theatre, the terminology is broad. “Projection Design” is taken to mean any form of video or film used in a live performance. No matter whether the imagery is moving or still, digital or analogue, displayed via projector, a TV, an LED wall, or a projection-enabled light. It’s all grouped together under the one term.

Where does Broadway Media fit in?

Six-or-so years ago our boss, Quentin, asked whether something technologically-forward, something with unlimited creative potential, could be made available to every theatre, every school (be it their auditorium or cafetorium) across America. What if these projections are made affordable and insanely easy to use? That’s where our products, Scenic Projections and our projections app, StagePlayer, come in.

Scenic Projections by Broadway Media

Our Scenic Projections products are the official full-show packages composed in collaboration with our theatrical licensing partners. They are created based on countless hours of research, script analysis, design and review with these leading theatrical rights representatives. We’ve worked with producers like Disney Theatrical Group and DreamWorks Theatricals to get these right, and we’re really proud of them. As they say, if it’s in the show - it’s in our Scenic Projections!

Learn more about Scenic Projections for your next show!


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