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Top Tips for Broadway on a Budget

The cost of our Scenic Projections are much more affordable than the cost of building your own set, or even renting a single physical backdrop.

We think your budget should stretch as far as your show vision does. That’s why we strive to improve and provide access to excellent resources. As theatre-folk, we take delight in breaking the rules! We think using just what you need is more important than the highest price tag.

Part of our mission at Broadway Media is advocating for everyone to have access to theatre. What’s our secret to making that possible?

The cost of our Scenic Projections are much more affordable than the cost of building your own set, or even renting a single physical backdrop. That’s why we also believe that the hardware should also be just as easily accessible. Here are 4 easy tips for Broadway on a budget!

1. Use what you’ve got

We’re living in an age of technology - especially in classrooms. If you’re performing in a cafetorium, or a drama studio, make use of your school’s data projector. You won’t get a stunning Broadway-style clarity or brightness, but it will still transform your performance space and give your kids the thrill of a professional production.

Pro Tip: Data Projectors are particularly useful for rehearsals

2. Reach out to friends

Projectors have become commonplace in performing arts venues across the country. If you’re not ready to purchase or rent a theatrical projector, reach out to your local theatres, universities, and even churches! Nine times out of ten, you’ll find what you need while building connections with your local community. What’s more, they’ll probably want to help you.

3. Use the still version of our projection pack

All of our Scenic Projection Show Collections are available in standard and professional versions. Our standard version includes every scene, setting and magic moment, and free projection control and edit software! Choosing our standard Scenic Projections is a budget-friendly way to get all the scenery you need and feel good about your expenditure.

4. In Theatre, Time is Money

There’s nothing like the thrill of the first day of rehearsal, and before you know it, opening night is just around the corner. There needs to be time to design, rent, or build the set, figure out how to make little Jenny fly as Mary Poppins and – most importantly – to give your kids a theatre experience that’s educational and fun. In the time it takes to worry about beginning taking on those tasks, you could be downloading your show from Broadway Media, and running through your cues far before tech begins. Not only do Scenic Projections save money, but reducing built elements, giving you more time with your kids putting on a spectacular show!

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