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The Hunchback of Notre Dame Scenic Projections

A look at our digital scenery for the reimagined stage musical.

The Disney-animated favorite newly-adapted for the stage is given a dark new perspective with the help of Victor Hugo’s classic novel. Allowing themselves the freedom to write for an adult audience, Menken, Schwartz, Parnell and the rest of the musical team have brought the subtext of obsession and passion to the fore of their storytelling, committing to the realism of the novel.

"What we felt from the very beginning that we wanted to do is really make this stage adaptation for an adult audience, and really commit to the tone and the complexity and the darkness of Hugo's novel.

Director Scott Schwartz, BuzzFeed News.

Taking cues from this new direction for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, our projections subtly hint at familiarity to the animated source material, but through a much darker, adult lens. Designed to be truly unobtrusive, but to bring time and place to the action, the projections feature a stylized Notre Dame Cathedral, the city streets, and the gigantic bells, artfully colored and rendered to add texture and light to your production (and solve the the cost and space-prohibitive “bells” requirement).

The art direction in this case is designed to let the intimate storytelling of this new production shine – placing renewed emphasis on the actors, while providing beautiful, subtle production values. We played with scale with these projections to give your production a more "stylized" feel, rather than a literal representation of Notre Dame. Check out a sample of some of the scenes below and visit the show page for more details!

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