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Taking flight with Honk! JR. Scenic Projections

We caught up with Product Manager, Brianna Spicer, to discuss the our new Honk! JR. Scenic Projections (from a safe distance, of course)! Read on to learn more about how we brought the farm to life.

Lawrence Haynes (Marketing Manager): Hey Brianna, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! I want to dive right in and ask about the style of these Scenic Projections – and get a little background on the work.

Brianna Spicer (Product Manager): I opted for a cartoon-style of imagery for HONK! JR. It was designed with a much higher amount of detail in the foreground and more soft, painterly shapes in the background. The settings are very stylized, but still convey varied Americana landscapes, like the farm, fields and marshland. Because the style is more simplified than some other shows, I created depth by layering different foliage in the foreground and pushing the saturation and contrast throughout.

Lawrence: Very nice! What should our customers look for in the Scenic Projections – creative decisions that will help their show?

Brianna: Directors should look at the two alternates of the Cat's Lair. One version includes a stove, and the other does not. I did this because I acknowledge that Directors may or may not choose to use a physical prop here, so by including two options, we are allowing their own essential creative direction. Also, I decided to overlay a canvas texture on the illustrations to make it look more painterly, giving the projections a unique aesthetic from other painterly works in the BMD portfolio.

Lawrence: I love that – making the projections so tactile makes for a great technological solution to more traditional set design. Let's chat about the storytelling aspect of the projections – what should directors be looking for? How can Scenic Projections help them?

Brianna: Check out the Field Flight scene! In the script, the ducks leave the marsh and take off in the fields, then rise into the sky where there is a burst of gunsmoke, and the sky turns red. Also, later on in these same fields, the scene changes from fall to winter with an intense blizzard and transitions from day to night to day again. I believe that these story points are all easier to follow visually with projections than other methods.

Lawrence: Finally, how do you think schools and theaters can make this show "their own" alongside our digital scenery?

Brianna: I think creating the nest from which the ducks hatch is a great way to give the set depth and allows for physical interaction with scenic elements. A great nest could make for a really visually dynamic show when partnered with the projections!

Lawrence: Thank you for that advice and for chatting with me!

Brianna: You're welcome. I hope theatre makers love these projections!

Learn more about Honk! JR. Scenic Projections: Click here.

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