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Our new Stage Projector line up

Beautiful Projections without shadows. Affordable monthly rentals. No guesswork.

The team at Broadway Media are delighted to announce our new product offerings in our StageProjectors line-up.

With our new line of Stage Projectors, our commitment to breaking down barriers to the Performing Arts with easy-to-use, industry-leading technology is now even stronger. We’ve doubled-down on simplicity and quality, refining our available Stage Projectors from nine options to just five rigorously-tested models. We want you to get the most out of your investment, so our for-sale models are laser-only: we’ve focussed on reliability, brightness and durability that will keep up with your evolving production needs years into the future.

We’ve also simplified the process. All our projectors are ultra-short throw with a maximum of a .35:10 throw ratio so you can hang your projector near your surface and ensure no shadows from your performers*, with upgraded model levels simply increasing in brightness. We’re delighted to introduce affordable monthly rentals that give you four weeks for the price of three, so you can spend more time making your production perfect at a price your organization can afford.

Meet the line-up.

StageProjector Economy (Rental Only)

Our entry level projector for the stage is powered by an energy efficient laser lightsource system. Featuring a 1280x800 resolution, 5,000 lumens and an ultra-short .3 throw, Stage Projector Economy can be placed 9ft from your cyclorama to produce a huge 30ft image, producing no shadow with your actors standing inches from the surface. Stage Projector Economy is perfect as an introduction to projected scenery for smaller stages or black box spaces up to 30ft wide. Learn more.

StageProjector Basic (Rental Only)

Stage Projector Basic Rental features 7,000 lumens and 4K enhancement technology. Paired with a .35 ultra short-throw powered lens straight out of the box, Stage Projector Basic Rental matches high image quality with a huge image. Perfect for a stage with minimal natural light leakage. Learn more.

StageProjector Standard

Stage Projector Standard features 9,000 lumens and 4K enhancement technology. Paired with a .35 ultra short-throw powered lens, Stage Projector Standard matches exacting image quality with a huge image. Perfect for larger stages, or rooms with some natural light leakage, our Standard model is a universal resource for reliable production value. Learn more.

StageProjector Plus

Stage Projector Plus features 12,000 lumens and 4K enhancement technology from a powerful laser light source. Stage Projector Plus comes paired with a deluxe .35 ultra short-throw lens for uncompromising image brilliance. Stage Projector Plus is perfect for any stage with more light and productions seeking enhanced production values. Learn more.

StageProjector Premium

Our Stage Projector Premium large-venue laser projector can handle anything you throw at it without sacrificing brightness or size. Delivering 15,000 lumens with a powerful laser light source that gives you ultra-bright, vivid color in 4K resolution for 20,000 hours maintenance-free show time. Paired with our ultra-short .35 premium powered lens for a huge, bright image, Stage Projector Ultimate provides unparalleled hardware for theatrical projection. Perfect for venues seeking extraordinary, Broadway-quality production values. Learn more.

Looking for more information? Our order form gives you all the information you need to choose the right tools for your next production.

*Subject to projector placement. Actors should stand no less than 5ft away from the projection surface.

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