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Our Disney's Descendants: The Musical Projections are Rotten To The Core!

Grand halls from Auradon Prep? Check. A creepy, dilapidated Isle of the Lost? Check. A lair for the most evil of villains? You betcha. We've checked in with our illustrator, Brianna Spicer, to peek behind the scenes.

This fantastic adaptation of the Disney Channel Original Movies favorite requires cinematic elements to transport you from Auradon Prep to the streets of the Isle of the Lost. But, how to you capture the magical scenes and settings in this new musical without having to spend lots of time and money building complicated sets? Well, readers, I think you know we have the answer to this one.

By utilizing realistic imagery in our design and coupling that with special effects and magic moments, we've made an immersive show package that makes producing this musical easier (and more affordable) than ever before. Grand halls from Auradon Prep? Check. A creepy, dilapidated Isle of the Lost? Check. A lair for the most evil of villains? You betcha. We've checked in with our illustrator, Brianna Spicer, to peek behind the scenes.

Lawrence Haynes (Marketing Manager): You utilized "stylized realism" in your design work for these projections to great effect. Why did you choose this style?

Brianna: I picked this style because a majority of these scenes take place indoors. This package includes many windows and other architectural details that demand some degree of reality. By designing these scenes so that the viewer can see out of the windows to the outdoors, I'm able to create more depth in the projections and make them feel more realistic.

Lawrence: I really love the Isle of the Lost. How did you come about these designs?

Brianna: For the Isle of the Lost, I looked at photos of '90s New York and dilapidated areas of Detroit to get ideas for the gritty feel. To achieve the necessary contrast for Auradon, I researched French countryside and prestigious Prep schools. By sticking to these contrasting references when creating these scenes, they can function as a visual cue for the viewer which area the setting is taking place.

In fact, the Isle of the Lost my favorite scene. It begins in a misty corner of the Isle, which then zooms out and pans along a graffiti-covered street with dark alleyways. It's really cool because it has the highest level of animation detail, like twinkling stars and flickering lamp lights. It's an important moment because it helps to describe the Isle while also furthering the story. When it finishes panning, the characters create a magical portal which appears in the projection to transition back to Auradon. When designing projections, we are sure to include transitional elements to help ease staging, especially for a show like this where there are so many settings.

Lawrence: Amazing! Can you make a recommendation for physical elements that will help integrate the projections?

Brianna: There are some physical props that I think would be really harmonious with the projections of The Descendants. For The Isle, I think a fog machine would be cool, and also trash cans for the actors to sit on/interact with. In Auradon, a chalkboard prop for the classroom is essential. For the Museum, physical exhibits would really help to sell this and look great against the perspective of the hall. For the Tourney Field, an electronic scoreboard would be a great touch.

Lawrence: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat!

Brianna: Thank you! I can't wait to see the productions.

Disney's Descendants: The Musical Scenic Projections are now available to license. Check them out here!

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