Introducing a new resource grant program for school theatre productions through March 2022.

Broadway Media’s grant program will provide up to $500,000 to schools to help alleviate production costs as industry looks to recover from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This World Theatre Day, we’re committed to getting schools back onstage.

As we collectively recover from the impact of the pandemic, we’re introducing a new grant initiative that will provide up to $500,000 to schools to help alleviate production costs. With individual awards ranging up to $3,000, we remain devoted to exposing as many people as possible to the performing arts in a way that is safe and affordable.

The grants can be awarded for Broadway Media’s popular Scenic Projections and hardware products. Inspired by the growing utilization of projection design as a core element in theatrical design in professional theatre, Scenic Projections are full-show digital scenery packages that can be projected onto a screen or surface behind the onstage performers. The resource notably follows the licensed script, and is designed to make impressive production values simple and more affordable than traditional set design.

Designed for straightforward integration into amateur theatre, time-strapped teachers and organization leaders needn’t worry about a steep educational curve with the technology - because there is none. A combination of simple, intuitive software, free how-to resources, and customer support from like-minded theatre makers makes it easy to take the first step into projections for theatre.

“From the outset, Scenic Projections has always been about breaking down barriers to production,” says Quentin Sanford, President of Broadway Media. “It’s about exposing as many people as possible to our treasured art form. Our grant program reinforces this idea. We believe that Scenic Projections opens up new opportunities for performance in a way that is both safe and affordable. Getting students back onstage – interacting, learning, and collaborating – is incredibly important. We want to help”.

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