High School Musical Scenic Projections Debut Mrs. Z's Performing Arts Studio

🎶 This could be the start of something new!🎶 …New Scenic Projections for Disney’s High School Musical, that is! In fact, “we’re all in this together,” with variations for both the Full Version and the Junior version.

This past winter, Mrs. Z’s Performing Arts Studio worked with Broadway Media to pilot the materials for Disney Channel’s smash hit musical. After their production, I met with Mrs. Z herself, Camille Zimmerman.

Melissa: Hi Camille! Congratulations on your run of Disney’s High School Musical Jr! I had so much fun watching the behind the scenes of your production on your TikTok and on Broadway Media’s Instagram Takeover! 

Camille: Hi Melissa! Yes, it was so much fun to share the excitement of the show online! 

Melissa: Your program is relatively new, right? 

Camille: Yes, my theatre is actually in its first year on its own! Our goal is to have a theatre available for all schools and districts in our area, and we’re preparing a troupe to perform at Junior Theatre Festival, which has never been done before in our town. 

Melissa: That’s so exciting, and a really terrific goal to have! Now tell me, what led you to choose using projections for your production?

Camille: Well, I’ve used Broadway Media before, so I know  you all produce a beautiful, easy-to-use product that fills the stage. It’s great for those on a budget, and that was just what I needed as a new studio.

Melissa: I can certainly relate to that. How did the projections play into your production's scenic design? 

Camille: Well, once we knew what the projections looked like we brought in a few 3D pieces (water fountains, locker banks, etc.) to complement. It all worked very nicely together.

Melissa: How was this experience different from using physical backdrops?

Camille: Using projections are less cumbersome, they’re easier to strike, they require less manpower, and they’re more affordable. Visually I just love how beautiful and bright they are. Plus, the kids love them too, they’re growing up in a digital age - so having this in the theatre plays to their expectations. 

Melissa: Did you use StagePlayer?  If so, what was your experience like?

Camille: StagePlayer has always been super easy for us to use. Everything from the login to editing the order of the scenes to match your needs is so easy; there’s no learning curve. I have a Junior High School student running it during the show. The script-accurate cues are so helpful, even if you’re not following along in your script. Oh, and having the blackout feature is great too if you have an unexpected moment onstage.

Melissa: What challenges, if any,  did you face during your production, and how did you overcome them?

Camille: Setting up the projector took a little longer than we anticipated, but we found ways to run rehearsal while still doing set up. 

Melissa: Would this experience encourage you to continue using Scenic Projections for shows to come?

Camille: 100%. We have Sound of Music booked and ready to go this summer!  

Melissa: Oh, that’s wonderful! What advice would you give to theatres who have not used Scenic Projections before?

Camille: Give them a try. Especially if you are looking for a nice way to visually bring your show to life on a budget. It’s an easy way to pull everything together, and you can use the projections without having to worry about building a set. As a director of a studio I can focus on the students, especially since I’m a one-man show.

Melissa: Great advice, Camille. One last question…did you have a  favorite moment in the show?

Camille: Oh, without a doubt…the final moment when they are singing together. We had simple choreography, beautiful harmonies, there’s a spotlight on them. It sucked the air out of the room, and it was just a beautiful moment that stuck out to me. 

Melissa: That sounds like an incredible moment onstage! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today, we can’t wait to work with you on The Sound of Music this Summer!

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