We're All In This Together - All the Versions of High School Musical!

Do you know the difference between the Full, One-Act, and Junior versions of the High School Musical?

Picking the right version for your program can be crucial to your show’s success! With script-accurate Scenic Projections available for all three versions of Disney’s “High School Musical,” you can rest assured that you’ll have Broadway-quality scenery backing you up whichever one you choose!

High School Musical at Union High School

The Full version of the script is the simplest one to explain! This full-length adaptation of the Disney Channel Original Movie has two acts and a full-length runtime. This version includes not only all of the music from the film, but also songs written exclusively for the stage adaptation that keep your plot moving and ensure your whole cast has a moment to shine. This version is perfect for the Spring musical in a high school or a community theatre with plenty of time to cast and rehearse.

Now that we’ve covered the Full version, what about the difference between the One-Act and Junior editions? The Junior Edition is tailor-made for younger performers and programs with less rehearsal time. The cast has been expanded to allow for more roles, allowing more performers moments in the spotlight. Music has also been changed to fit younger, less experienced voices and be easier to learn and perform. This version is great for middle schools and summer programs.

High School Musical Jr. at Mrs. Z’s Performing Arts

Finally, think of the One-Act as your middle ground between the Full and Junior versions. This version allows for a shorter rehearsal period while keeping the material in line with what you would expect from the Full version. With a shorter, one-act runtime but fewer changes to content, it can be a great fit for programs looking for a competition piece or to perform primarily for school audiences.

High School Musical at St. Joseph High School

The availability of Broadway-quality resources is the same no matter which version of the show you choose for your program. Our Scenic Projections are available to match all three scripts, so you don’t have to spend your precious rehearsal time modifying and adjusting to a shorter script. Instead, everything is ready to go the moment it’s delivered, with accurate cue lines and script page numbers in StagePlayer for you to reference. Because us Theatre-Makers know that rehearsal time is precious, and after all, we’re all in this together!

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