Exploring Digital Scenery At Every Level

Projections have been around for decades, but utilizing them in a theatrical setting is still relatively new. This article explores the creative ways fellow Theatre-Makers have applied digital scenery at every level.

If you’ve made it to this blog, chances are you’re excited, or at least intrigued about digital scenery. While projections have been around for decades, using them in theatrical space is still relatively new and uncharted, especially with all the ways they can be incorporated onstage. I know my first thought when joining the  Broadway Media team was, “Oh cool, It’s projections!” I assumed that you have one projector and one screen, and that’s how it was done. Well, I’ve now worked with all ranges of the secondary theatre industry; working with every level of production from Professional to Elementary Classroom showcases, I have learned that there isn’t, and shouldn’t, be just one way for digital scenery to be used. 

I’ve found that the creativity of a production team is beyond what any one person can  imagine. The intention of this blog is to share the many ways I’ve observed Digital Scenery being applied in so many different settings.  

As a creator myself, if I could, I would want an LED wall or the highest quality projector on the market. But most budgets in an educational setting aren’t built for this. Even budgets in professional theatre aren’t necessarily designed to get the highest end equipment. So in theatre, we do what we do best: we make theatre with what we have, and this breeds innovation! What an exciting way to grow! 

A few things I recommend thinking about as you are considering incorporating Digital Scenery into your production are: 

  • What do I want the imagery to do? (Work like a painted backdrop? Establish scene and setting? Give your performers a level up in their product?)
  • What output devices do I have access to? (Projectors, TV’s, Auditoriums with Lecture setups etc.)
  • How can I think outside the box to bring this into our space?
  • Who in my community has some technological background?
  • How will these resources change the way I look at creating?
Masquerade Talent Studios utilized an LED TV with a star curtain

Even at the entry level, I have heard of and seen INCREDIBLE things happening! Some schools have used two TVs down stage left and right, a classroom projector with a 10’ wide image, or a lecture projection set up to have the scenery! There are also several productions that are still creating LARGE pieces of physical scenery to enhance the Digital Scenery in their spaces! 

Papillion La Vista Senior High School utilized a built set in conjunction with their Scenic Projections

The thing I have really discovered in my efforts to learn all I can about Digital Scenery is the more hands and heads you involve, the more we will invent new ways to implement these full show packages into not only our current seasons, but our future ones as well.

Our team of Production Specialists, myself included, all love theatre, creating, and problem solving. We are excited to join you and your team on your journey of making digital scenery accessible at every level. I’m so happy to get the opportunity to learn from you all, and share what I have learned! I can’t wait to grow with you all as we create a community of innovators!

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