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Disney's Beauty and the Beast Scenic Projections

A look into our Beauty and the Beast Digital Scenery package

This 1994 musical – Disney’s first official foray into stage musicals – burst onto Broadway with astonishing special effects, a whirlwind of choreography, and an awe-inspiring set. Based on the animated favorite of the same name, the musical remains familiar. From the quaint village and Belle’s father’s – an inventor – home to a towering, storm-worn castle is accounted for in this stage adaptation.

A cinematic musical of this nature often requires multiple settings with dynamic visuals - often requiring substantial fly and wing space (and budget) to make it a reality. We can solve complex musicals of this nature using projected digital scenery. Our Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Scenic Projections feature stunning artistry and special effects for every magical moment in the script.

Check out some of the scenes below and visit the product page for more information!

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