Disney Kids!

Scenic Projections for Disney’s Kids Editions have all the Bare Necessities - and more!

While we all love a big, multi-act musical, we also know they aren’t the perfect fit for many younger performers and smaller programs. Even one-act Junior renditions can be a lot for the smallest performers or with major time constraints.

Aladdin meets Genie for the first time in Phillippi Shores Elementary School’s Disney’s “Aladdin Kids"

Disney’s Kids shows are a great solution for shorter programs, summer or vacation camps, or very young performers! With a 30-minute runtime they’re designed to have a flexible cast size, roles that play to a variety of performer strengths, and easy-to-learn music. And while the runtime might be short, that doesn’t mean skipping out on the key musical moments from the film! So whether it’s “Cruella de Vil” or “The Bare Necessities,” your young performers will get their moments in the spotlight with music they know and love. 

Young People’s Theatre Newcastle has the hang of all their scales and arpeggios in Disney’s “The Aristocats Kids’

Keeping the plot moving requires plenty of scene changes, which can be a huge technical difficulty with traditional scenery. Scenic Projections add another layer of ease to your production by covering every scene and setting in the show, with animated transitions that happen in the click of a button. That way, your show never stops moving! Plus, your script-accurate projections come to you ready to go, with cue lines and script pages already noted in our StagePlayer software. StagePlayer also features clearly labeled options to skip a scene or go to a blackout at any point in your show for those moments when the unexpected happens, which we know can be even more likely with the littlest performers onstage!

Market House Theatre demonstrates some villainous moments in “The Jungle Book Kids”

By running a user-friendly design that works on any modern laptop, Stageplayer is also a great technical position for young aspiring technical Theatre-Makers! That way, you can focus on wrangling all those wild puppies, kittens, snakes, bears, apes, and of course humans on your stage!

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