Music Theatre International Releases Broadway Junior Revue Pure Imagination Created Exclusively For Young Performers!

This just in! Broadway Media is excited to partner with Music Theatre International on MTI’s Broadway Junior Revue Pure Imagination, a new concert-style show for young performers.

Broadway Media is thrilled to announce Scenic Projection packages are now available for MTI’s Broadway Junior Revue Pure Imagination! This new concert-style show for young performers is offered in two unique versions, creating a variety for young theatre-makers and can be produced by US-based student or junior performance companies.

In “Pure Imagination,” audiences will be treated to numbers from some of the most recognizable shows in the MTI Broadway Junior catalog, including Seussical JR., Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR., Honk! JR., Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR., and more. Students can portray characters ranging from Olaf the Snowman (“In Summer”) to Peter Pan (“I Won’t Grow Up”), and recreate moments from classic childhood stories like Winnie the Pooh and Junie B. Jones. From the Kingdom of Duloc to the Hundred-Acre Wood, Broadway Media’s Scenic Projections provide every scene and setting in the show, seamlessly ushering the audience through an unforgettable evening of theatre and song.

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