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​Behind the Scenes: Creating Disney’s The Lion King KIDS Scenic Projections

We sat down with Quentin Sanford (President, Broadway Media) to discuss the creation of Disney’s The Lion King KIDS for Music Theatre International

We sat down with Quentin Sanford (President, Broadway Media) to discuss the creation of Disney’s The Lion King KIDS for Music Theatre International. Below is an excerpt of our conversation. Read on to learn a little about the creation of the show!

Lawrence Haynes (Marketing Manager): Thanks for talking to me today. Let's start by chatting about the art style of Disney’s The Lion King KIDS and why you and the team chose it.

Quentin Sanford (President): We opted for a softer illustration style, emphasizing traditional sketch art with watercolor render. The artwork is inspired by the musical and the movie. We gave it a more child-like twist to create a difference between JR. and KIDS iterations. The soft color focusses the audience’s attention on the young actors onstage, making for a really great backdrop for what is – likely – their very first show!

Lawrence: Can you pick a stand-out scene from the show?

Quentin: I love the stampede at the gorge scene. It interacts with the actors onstage blending the lines of scenery, lighting and onstage movement, creating a moment of great depth – it’s a really cool dramatic moment. It adds gravity to this important moment in the plot, and emphasizes the size of young Simbia in comparison to the dangers of the world. Violent shaking helps convey this serious moment in the show.

Lawrence: What creative decisions did you make that we should look out for?

Quentin: There are subtle light changes that can really look great with dynamic stage lighting. Working together with these two elements will enhance the production value of the show and create a very integrated design. In addition, we also added some fun small movements – swaying branches, twinkling stars and a small mouse that scurries across the ground in Mufasa’s cave – keep an eye out for those!

Lawrence: How do these projections help with storytelling?

Quentin: We provided unique imagery for each setting that focuses on the story first and foremost. The visuals help move the story forward by providing the audience with changes in scenery, with seamless transitions and cinematic movement.

Disney's The Lion King KIDS is now available to license. Click here to learn more!

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