Anastasia Youth Edition Scenic Projections are Now Available: Bringing Broadway Design to Youth Performers

Now available for licensing Anastasia Youth Edition is a 60-minute version of the hit Broadway musical adaptation of the animated film. Featuring both the classic music from the film, including “Once Upon A December,” as well as original music for the stage, this modern fairytale has gained popularity for good reason.

Aaron Rhyne’s mesmerizing projection designs are an easy and affordable way to bring that extra professional touch to your program. With soaring imagery of St. Petersburg and Paris, projections help create drama and scale on your stage. Projections also give you a way to easily stage the show’s trickier moments, such as Anastasia and Dmitri’s flight from Russia aboard a train during “We’ll Go From There.” Rhyne’s iconic design weaves, changes perspective, and makes the world fly by behind your staging. This moment uses the unique ability of digital scenery - animation - to its greatest effect and gives your audience a “wow” moment that they will remember!

And of course, what young performer hasn’t imagined themself performing on a Broadway set? While NYC might be miles or oceans away, there’s nothing like bringing that piece of it directly to them. The confidence boost a young performer gets seeing themself in front of professional, original Broadway designs as they step into Christy Altomare or Derek Klena’s shoes is huge. 

No matter your reasons for bringing this slice of Broadway design to your stage, Scenic Projections are an easy way to bring the professional sparkle of Broadway right to you, at a price that definitely beats a traditional set!

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