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Broadway Media

We are a boutique, mission-driven company whose decision making centers around one simple question:

Does it make participation in the performing arts more accessible?

Through our products, our partnerships and advocacy, we are dedicated to a vision of universal access to the joy of theatre-making, regardless of space, place, or budget. 

Our Mission

We break down barriers to the Performing Arts by innovating on everyday technology to create resources that help build a more empowered and creative theatre industry. 

Our Values

Be of Service.

Through our products, our work with theatre makers, and to each other, we strive to cultivate an environment that empowers creativity, with our simple mission in mind: make theatre more accessible. 

Lead with integrity. 

We believe in the power of being forthright in the pursuit of our mission, boldly innovate in technology and art to bring the joy of theatre to everyone, and proudly accept responsibility for the work we do. 

Celebrate creativity. 

We believe in elevating great ideas, no matter where they come from, recognizing every team member’s contribution to our achievements and the success of theatre makers everywhere. 

Be great. 

In our mutual obligations to each other, our clients and theaters, we ask ourselves how we can exceed the achievements of our previous work, every time.

Love to learn. 

We work hard at our personal and collective dedication to learning, and believe that investing in our team leads to better work and a better industry. 

Our story

Our company was founded in 2013 by Quentin Sanford. Sanford grew up in the theatre (he’ll tell you he spent more time there than at school), and as a young entrepreneur would spend his time creating show posters for theaters in the surrounding area. His time spent in community theatre gave him an appreciation for the industriousness of theatre makers faced with limited budgets. Years later, determined to help the sort of theaters he participated in as a child, and inspired by the increasingly common integration of video projections in Broadway, he founded Broadway Motion Design, reimagining the video projection instead as an affordable resource for theatre.

Since the launch of our first scenic product, we’ve spent years refining and engaging the theatre community to identify the needs of smaller theaters and educational organizations, leading us to pursuing licensor-approved scenery, intuitive software, and – eventually – hardware solutions. With these three resources, and our new partnerships with theatrical licensors, we grew our team and rebranded as Broadway Media Distribution, Inc. 

In 2019, now as a larger resource provider, we began to reimagine what our company could do. With new relationships with Broadway designers – our first being Aaron Rhyne – we saw that we could elevate this creative talent to a huge collection of theatre makers they had otherwise never considered, we could protect designers’ intellectual property, and we could utilize our distribution network to make amazing design available to everyone. 

Today, driven by our mission to make theatre more accessible – for theatrical organizations, schools, and designers, we continue to diversify the resources we offer and are now known, simply, as Broadway Media. 

Meet our team

What we do

We develop easy-to-use technological resources, protect and license the intellectual property of performing arts’ leading designers, and provide useful hardware solutions tailored to the simple implementation of modern technologies in educational, amateur and professional theatrical organizations. 

Distribution SERVICES

We partner with specialized companies to refine product lines and rental processes for the secondary theatre market. Through our DRM  software products, we protect, license and distribute creative property from the world’s leading designers, configured as resources for educational, amateur and professional theatrical organizations. 

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Through robust market research, targeted advertising and far-reaching industry partnerships, we elevate designers to a growing secondary theatre community of educational, amateur and professional theatrical organizations. 

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Product Development

Based strictly on the content of existing theatrical literary properties, we develop unique “script-accurate” resources and consumer software solutions for the niche secondary theatrical market, including the creation of market-specific derivative products from the creative property of professional clients we represent.  

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Intellectual Property Licensing

We protect, license and market the work of designers associated with the performing arts, through our niche market distribution framework, including the creation of derivative “script-accurate” works in order to generate royalties for the clients we represent.

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